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Walkers' #DoUsAFlavour

A content series full of flavour

Walkers approached us to create a series of content for their #DoUsAFlavour campaign, in which the British public selected a new special edition flavour. The wild and whacky flavours had been submitted by people from around the country, and Walkers wanted us to bring them to life to drive voting.

We decided to cast the crisps themselves as the leading characters, and used the mini-sets and narrative to talk about the flavours. From Chip Shop Chicken Curry, to Sizzling Steak Fajita we had quite a lot of fun.

The marquee piece, for Cheesy Beans on Toast was the audience's favourite six second film, though didn't go on to win the top prize!

Based on the success of the crisp series, we also worked with Walkers to create 'always on' content that they used across channels in relevant moments.