The animated product people.

Short & Sweet studios creates energetic product content that moves - using real products, brought to life through stop-motion animation.

We specialise in animated short-form content creation, designed to tell a story and raise a smile.

Our work is playful and stylish, inviting audiences to stay longer with the products they love.

All of this is acheived efficiently with minimal lift from the brands and agencies we partner with. We can provide full end-to-end production management or collaborate in existing production workflows. 


Content Creation

Short-form narrative content that makes your product the star of the show.

Tell a story
We bring real products to life using animation, in short-form content with a story arc. 

Keep it brief
We believe less is more and specialise in telling stories from three to sixty seconds.

Make it social
Content is developed with mobile and social in mind, and always with play at its heart. 

To see how we make it short & sweet, check out our showreel, or follow our Instagram.


Some past and present clients:

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Product Demos

For modern retailers and brands. 

Efficient, informative, and entertaining
Our demos are designed to enhance the online shopping journey, helping your customers make better purchasing decisions, quickly.

Keep it real
By animating physical products and showing how they move and function, we build trust: what you see is what you get.

Keep it light
We don’t demand much from the viewer (in terms of time) or the site (in terms of loading). Videos are under six seconds, and no more than 2mb.

Why it matters

Purchase confidence
Lack of trust is one of the main reasons for cart abandonment. Our product demos enable brands to more accurately convey product features and details, helping shoppers feel more confident in their purchases. 

A mobile world
66.7% of e-commerce sales in the UK in 2020 came from mobile devices. With declining attention spans and more time spent on mobile, brands have just 3 seconds to make an impression. Our demos are designed with this context in mind. 

Video works
90% of shoppers report that product videos help them make purchasing decisions and 73% report that they are more likely to purchase after viewing a demo video. 

Sources: Hubspot 2020, Statista

About us

We are an animation studio with locations in the UK and US.

We’ve been bringing products to life since 2013, with extensive experience working with large brands in content production, strategy & consulting. 

Working together

Our approach is tailored to each project and relationship, but we pride ourselves on always balancing quality and speed – whatever challenges a project throws our way. 

We can work as collaboratively or independently as needed, managing every stage of the production process from idea development through to delivery. Whether it's on a project-by-project basis, or as an always-on resource to provide fast turaround content. 

We'd love to help you bring your products to life. To work with us, please email